Sportradar Africa Webinar: How CRM can help to reach a further audience in Africa

The EVP of Global Marketing at Sportradar, Adam Azor, hosted a webinar with industry professionals – which included Carla Maree Vella, Strategic Gaming Advisor at ConsultXD, Rahoul Kille, Global Sales Director at Sportradar and Robbie Sexton, Director of Partnerships in Sports Betting and Gaming at Xtremepush.

The panel discussed potential expansion in African markets with a focus on customer relationship management (CRM).

Africa has over 50 countries with a betting customer base, making it a huge market with lots of potential. The main highlights from the webinar were looking at data-driven approaches to create a more personalised algorithm, which will increase customer reach and customer loyalty by collecting individual data.

In answering if deep data can provide opportunities for marketing technology in the African betting community,Free games as it gives a company a greater understanding of its customers and behaviours, Sexton stated: “I think CRM is a massive beneficiary from deep data.

"Deep data gives you an understanding of your customers; their behaviours, preferences, drivers, how they’re interacting with your products and communications. If you can get that to an accessible single customer review, I think that’s when CRM gets really interesting because then we can really genuinely talk about one-to-one personalisation at scale through CRM efforts.”

When it comes to taking advantage of programmatic advertising to help evolve betting markets in Africa, Kille added: “The best application of programmatic data will work best when all the channels are firing individually and then programmatic can start to harvest and find new opportunities a human wouldn’t necessarily look for, which is where the data comes in quite nicely.”

He continues: “A machine given the right amount of data will go and find pockets of audiences that none of us can figure out because we aren’t machines – and that's the application that will really accelerate the adoption.”